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Mrs. Durga


From Principal’s Desk

“Education is not learning of facts, but training of mind to think”

                                                                                         -Albert Einstein

Dear students,

First of all I would like to wish you a very successful and bright academic year ahead. We at Government College, Narnaund believe in imparting comprehensive education that prepares our students to take up life challenges in a much confident and bold manner. The college though establishes in 2013 is in its infancy stage has proved to be an asset for the students of this rural area, who other side would have been sent to the far places, town or cities for their higher education. Our college endeavors towards the holistic development of its students, so that our students are motivated to put in their best efforts not only in the field of education but in all other activities. Along with that our teaching staff adds another jewel to the crown. They are dedicated towards encouraging all the students to enhance their creative and constructive abilities. Students are the future of our country and a student’s life is a formative stage where their career and personality could be molded in a much refined way. Our college strives to inculcate enough motivation and enthusiasm in our students to make them ready to set their goals and face any challenges with right amount of confidence.

We believe that there is no shortcut to the success and realizing this importance we believe that every student should be equipped with proper and sufficient knowledge as well as latest digitization developing happening in the world. That’s why at our collage we believe that the aim of our students should not be just to excel in academics but also in other activities that would help in their overall development like NCC/NSS/Cultural activities etc. students should be eco-friendly and try to beautify the college campus by reducing littering and avoid waste disposal in college premises. Also, remember that a disciplined and diligent person is an asset to the society who fetches respect and success in all aspects.

With best wishes

(Mrs. Durga)


Govt. College, Narnaund (Hisar)